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Warehousing, 3PL and Delivery Services Across Australia

Golden Logistics Australia offers customised 3rd party logistics solutions including integration of warehousing and distribution services; supply chain management, freight and inventory management, cross docking, pick & pack, and other value-adding operational and administration services.

Golden Logistics Australia also offers country and interstate parcel and mail courier services, whether your freight is a full or less-than-full truckload. We’ll manage all your intrastate and interstate transport needs, including carton delivery.

Golden Logistics Australia is a professional team with a focus on communication, operating 24 hours, 7 days to transport your deliveries on time.

Golden Messenger, a division of Golden Logistics Australia, can help you with your day-to-day business delivery and run-around needs in the Melbourne CBD and metropolitan area. We provide ad-hoc courier deliveries (Standard, Express and Priority), Warehousing, 3PL services, banking (including pick-up and banking of cheques) and mail runs. We can utilise a light van, taxi truck, half-tonne or one-tonne van or tray to carry out permanent runs or contract transport.


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packaging guide

Please pack your parcels appropriately for shipment.

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General Fragile Items

Our Carriers take much care as possible when transporting your freight however it is up to you to ensure your freight is going to arrive safely.
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Interstate Deliveries

Golden Messenger uses an integrated interstate system, which operates whereby goods are placed on conveyor belts for sorting. If your freight is not packaged to withstand a fall from a decent height there is a possibility it could get damaged. All interstate freight is first brought back to our office for consignment, however, we can’t guarantee all freight will be inspected. It is up to you to ensure your freight is going to arrive safely.
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Medical Samples

Please ensure all medical samples sent for testing are packaged in sealed tamper-proof bags to protect our Carriers from the contents of the biological samples.
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Unacceptable methods of packing for shipping

Flowers: Golden Messenger cannot transport flowers that are in a bucket with water.

Food Platters/Plates: Will not be accepted unless they are packaged in food graded polystyrene boxes. (frozen or Fresh)


What Is 3PL Warehousing?

What Is 3PL Warehousing?

A 3pl warehouse or third party warehousing may provide an extensive range of fulfilment services for either business deliveries or online orders placed through the business. This may include order processing, shipping and receiving, as well as storage and warehousing.

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