Customer Service in Logistics Company Management

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When it comes to the efficiency of a logistic company, a crucial component is logistics. Perhaps getting goods or receiving raw goods to markets becomes a challenging task without good logistics as part of your supply chain. Moreover, there is another factor to consider for smooth operations of logistics. It’s none other than customer service.

A logistics chain will have difficulty operating if it does not have an efficient level of customer service and a good level of communication. If you want to succeed, then you must provide good communication and customer service. These will all be part of your logistics services.



Trust and communication go hand-in-hand. For example, if clients notice that you communicate efficiently, even when it’s not good news, they will realize that they can trust you. It’s applicable not only in your business partnership but in every aspect of your relationship.

Real-time updates to clients regarding the different stages of their logistics experience make them think your company is thorough. On the other hand, there are times when you have to inform a delay, but it’s good business practice. It lets them make adjustments to their busy schedules.

Suitable channels of communication should be constant, whether dealing with outbound or inbound logistics.

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When it comes to speed, it’s not just about how fast you deliver goods. Sometimes, it’s also about how quickly you respond to customer inquiries. Nowadays, the modern logistics industry does not just focus on the fast delivery of shipments but also on how fast you deliver information.



Another factor that should be present in the way you communicate with customers is consistency. Even when you don’t have all the answers, always provide your customers with solutions. It may sound wrong, but explain to the customer why you don’t have answers if you currently can’t offer any responses. If you’re looking into the matter, try to get back to them as soon as possible when you have a complete answer.


For any logistics company, two of the founding principles should be integrity and honesty. From the start, honesty is given when you are presenting these qualities as part of the services being provided:

  • Provide honest information when communicating without any hidden agenda. 
  • 100% transparency of the company’s abilities and knowledge, including knowledge of all relevant regulations and laws of any regions or countries they’re operating in
  • Accurate and consistent with all pertinent information or data. Also, information sharing where that action does not breach data protection laws and confidentiality.
  • To build a solid relationship of trust, communicating is not sufficient. The communications should also be transparent and honest at all times.


Most people probably think that warehouses, distribution centres, and trucks are the most critical assets of a logistics company. In reality, the staff are the natural assets of a great logistics company. If you have well-trained staff at every level, like warehouse manager, sales, and accounting, it means you alleviate your levels of customer service. 

In terms of technology, the industry is constantly evolving and shifting. That’s why continual learning is significant.

Learning can be organized on several levels:

  • New employees training
  • Ad hoc training on recent changes, systems, or processes
  • Sharing solutions and experiences through scheduled team training 
  • Relevant off-site training specialists

You can customize training and learning according to what you want. When possible, identify any team members who can deliver training or find contract specialists if needed.

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Ways to Highlight Continual Learning

Every day, the logistics industry is home to new learning opportunities and new experiences. But how can you incorporate them into any learning model and training? 


If possible, you should have regular team meetings. It is an excellent method to highlight continual learning. You can even have the whole team meet each day to talk about solutions or any problems. As a whole, it can benefit the company. However, if it’s impossible, try to arrange different meetings of different teams. Also, if daily sessions are inexecutable, ensuring that it has a scheduled appointment is good enough. It allows time for review and reflection. It also brainstorms solutions and identifies problems if needed.


Suppose you have new employees, partner the new employee with an experienced worker, aside from basic training. They can surely learn so much in a week with someone who knows the ins and outs of doing specific tasks than they will in a month left on their own. Moreover, to give a fuller overview, you can opt to have sessions together led by experienced employees for each area of operations. 


Lessen Customer Touch Points 

If you have any long-term or ongoing clients, make sure they have the minimum number of contacts possible. Another tip for good customer service is to build relationships. Every time they contact you when a customer speaks to different staff members, your relationship becomes fragile. Try and appoint one staff member who will handle that customer. To be sure, you can have another team member as a backup. When possible, that staff member should also go and meet the customer. The goal here is to have minimal touchpoints. It instils clients’ confidence.


Ways to Lessen Customer Touch Points 

Even though the idea of minimizing customer touchpoints is a great one, it’s challenging to achieve it. Aside from appointing specific staff to talk with clients, what are the steps that you will do?


One annoying thing that many customers are facing is the complicated email chains with multiple recipients.


Your customers only want to be kept apprised of all aspects of their contract, but they do not see the need to look at an email. Especially if it has bounced between different staff members, you should separate emails from internal communications to the customer. If you need to send an email, opt to place it in a separate email to the client.


It is the process of sound email systems- both internal and external. It ensures that with automatic routing, the messages get to the right people. Most importantly, it provides good customer service by having efficient communication systems at every business level.

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