493 - 495 Queensberry Street North Melbourne Victoria 3051

Postal Address PO Box 313 North Melbourne Victoria 3051

Telephone (03) 9287 7099 Facsimile (03) 9286 0066

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Huge Thank-You to Office National

Golden Messenger would like to thank Total Office National for awarding us as the Victorian winners of their national competition. Aleksandar presented Golden M…
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3 & 6 Month Rego Renewal

Vic Roads are now offering short-term rego renewal for light vehicles. Announced on the 23rd of October the Victorian Government is making a move to relieve upf…
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Chain Of Responsibility Warning

New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and a noted legal expert have emphasised the Chain Of Responsibility (COR) risks consigners and others face, a…
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1st July 2017 - GMDT Increase

Melbourne is a major economic hub within Australia and It has become a very busy city with very busy streets. On average it takes 20 minutes or longer to travel…
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Lions Club of Lyndhurst Winter Charity Ball

On 17th-June-2017 we were lucky enough to be involved with the Lions Club of Lyndhurst Winter Ball. Golden Messenger has proudly been a part of the charity even…
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